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How to make a ribbon rose flowerHow to Make  A Ribbon Rose Flower

My love with ribbons began when I was an A/L student (high school). The colors and the shiny look of ribbon amazed me. I wanted to do something with those magnificent ribbons and luckily I could join with a Ribbon embroidery course near my house. From that course I learned how to make this ribbon rose flower as well as many other stitches and flowers.

I made many wall decorations for my relatives, large table clothes , dresses, pillow cases and many more. Unfortunately , I don’t have any pictures to show them off as I had no camera back days.

However, my skills should not vanish in vain. I decided to share those tutorials in here so you too can learn and make something beautiful  and crafty for your loved ones like me.

This is a small video tutorial I made with my poor camera phone on how to make a ribbon rose flower.

For making this flower you need to have a half inch size ribbons. One flower requires 18 inches long ribbon scrap. And also you need a needle and a thread, a scissor and a lighter to burn two open sides of the ribbon scrap.

This is perhaps the most easiest ribbon rose flower you can make within about four minutes. You can use this flower to decorate anything you want.

Here is the video of how to make this ribbon rose flower.



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