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Crochet Bottle Holder from Nethu Crafts

So my son wanted a crochet bottle holder for him to carry on his neck while going to school. I was running out of yarn but had about 20grams of yarn totally with these 2 colors. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to the town if I want to buy yarn. And heck no, I can’t go as I don’t have a vehicle nor a license.

A solution ? Make a bottle holder with (as I call) Nett  stitch. You just have to make a rounded crochet piece suitable for your bottle size and keep working on the rest while keeping the same stitch count. So , then you get a cylinder type crochet piece. Keep working on until your desired height with a whatever stitch you like. Children don’t look for errors. So, don’t panic if you make a mistake.??

As this is a simple project I didn’t write a tutorial but the idea is worth sharing. Right?

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