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How to Make a Ribbon Rose Flower – NethuCrafts

How to make a ribbon rose flowerHow to Make  A Ribbon Rose Flower

My love with ribbons began when I was an A/L student (high school). The colors and the shiny look of ribbon amazed me. I wanted to do something with those magnificent ribbons and luckily I could join with a Ribbon embroidery course near my house. From that course I learned how to make this ribbon rose flower as well as many other stitches and flowers.

I made many wall decorations for my relatives, large table clothes , dresses, pillow cases and many more. Unfortunately , I don’t have any pictures to show them off as I had no camera back days.

However, my skills should not vanish in vain. I decided to share those tutorials in here so you too can learn and make something beautiful  and crafty for your loved ones like me.

This is a small video tutorial I made with my poor camera phone on how to make a ribbon rose flower.

For making this flower you need to have a half inch size ribbons. One flower requires 18 inches long ribbon scrap. And also you need a needle and a thread, a scissor and a lighter to burn two open sides of the ribbon scrap.

This is perhaps the most easiest ribbon rose flower you can make within about four minutes. You can use this flower to decorate anything you want.

Here is the video of how to make this ribbon rose flower.


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Crochet Bottle Holder from Nethu Crafts

So my son wanted a crochet bottle holder for him to carry on his neck while going to school. I was running out of yarn but had about 20grams of yarn totally with these 2 colors. It takes about 30 minutes to drive to the town if I want to buy yarn. And heck no, I can’t go as I don’t have a vehicle nor a license.

A solution ? Make a bottle holder with (as I call) Nett  stitch. You just have to make a rounded crochet piece suitable for your bottle size and keep working on the rest while keeping the same stitch count. So , then you get a cylinder type crochet piece. Keep working on until your desired height with a whatever stitch you like. Children don’t look for errors. So, don’t panic if you make a mistake.??

As this is a simple project I didn’t write a tutorial but the idea is worth sharing. Right?

Like my project? Please share and show some love.

Have a craftier day ahead!



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Japanese Crochet Flower Pattern – Free Crochet Pattern

Found this Japanese crochet flower pattern on a Japanese crochet book originaly. After upgrading my computer I lost those ebooks unfortunately. However, after some time I saw this pattern again on Pinterest and decided to try this pattern.

While working on my yarn I couldn’t finish because my white yarn finished while half finished. So, I thought “Oh, crap. What should I do now?” And this came into my mind.

Why not try another color to finish it? Turned out fine. See for yourself .

Japanese Crochet Flower Pattern Nethucrafts Here is the pattern for this crochet flower .

Start from a slip knot. 6 chains. Slip knot into the first chain from slip knot.

Round 1

4 chains from slip knot. *Double crochet  into the round. Chain 1.  Repeat from * until you crochet 11 double crochets.(first 3 chains are considered as the first dc. So, the total would be 12 dcs.)

12 dc around

Round 2

Chain 1, sc on slip on next, 2sc on after.10 chain. Again *sc on next, 2sc on on next 2sc on after.10 chain. Repeat from *.

Round 3

*10 double crochet into the left side loop, 3 chains, another 10 double crochets in the same loop. Slip knot on the middle of space between 2 loops. This makes one petal. Continue working on 6 petals repeating from *.

Working on petals.Finish working on the flower by crocheting a slip knot on the starting point of the round. Congratulations . You have made your first Japanese crochet flower .

Japanese Crochet Flower Pattern Nethucrafts

You can make blankets, bags, cousion covers and many other projects with this beautiful flower. You just need some creativity in your mind.

For your reference , here is the chart for this pattern.

If you enjoyed reading my post please share it on Pinterest and other social media so that others can this Japanese crochet flower pattern . Just use the sharing buttons below.

Enjoy !


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