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Easy Stripes Crochet Hat Pattern – Free Crochet Pattern

If you have read my previous post you may have noticed that I was going to make a harry potter themed something for my son. I never intended on making a Griffindor hat but I think my mind was. ( I am a big Harry Potter fan 🙂 ) This easy stripes crochet hat pattern is made for a 6 year old child. However you can change the size accordingly for your preferred size easily.

The hat is made with front post double crochet stitch. Basically it is a rectangle crocheted piece connected to both ends, making a cylinder and then weaved one end of the cylinder.

What’s so special about this hat? Well, instead of traditional chain 3 starting of a row, I used this technique to start rows so that I don’t get any gaps on edges of my piece.

If you have some knowledge about crochet then you must have understood the pattern for this Easy Stripes Crochet Hat by now.

If you still don’t get the pattern then follow below tutorial.

For the child size hat I used 3 ply worst weighted yarn (Handy Rabbit brand) in 3 colors. Red, brown and yellow.

Starting with red I crochet 85 chains.

row 1 – double crochet stitch on each chain. Turn back.

Row 2 – front post double crochet stitch on each stitch . Change color to brown. Turn back .

Row 3 – front post double crochet stitch on each stitch . Turn back.

Row 4 – repeat row 3. Change color to yellow. Turn back.

You should repeat crocheting the piece with front post double crochet stitch as directed . Change color according to this pattern. Red, brown, yellow, brown, repeat from red. Length of finished piece should be your preferred head circumference. On this hat I crocheted 72 rows.

Final rectangle piece for the hat.
The piece is done with front post double crochet

Finally join first row and last row with slip stitch. Then you get a cylinder type crochet piece. Weave in one end of that cylinder and then all you have to do is attaching a pom pom. See the hat without pom pom below.

Hat without pom pom - easy stripes crochet hatColor combination is vital if you want your project to shine. Usually we use light colors for babies and dark colors for childs and adults. But the choice is yours.

Have fun making this easy stripes crochet hat. Don’t forget to share.


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Crochet Hair Band Tutorial from Nethucrafts

Crochet Hair Band Tutorial NethuCrafts

This crochet hair band tutorial is an original creation of this blog. If you want to share this elsewhere please contact me first. Being a crocheter since childhood, I always wanted to teach someone else what I know. Turns out blogging is the best option as I am a bit shy of facing the camera to make tutorial videos. So that, I made this blog naming Nethu Crafts.

I am not Nethu. Nethu is my lucky daughter. Ever since she came into our world, our little family had so much good things than before. Hence I decided to name this blog after my cutie.

As my first post, I thought to share a simple project which is easier for beginners and take littlest time as possible. With this small tutorial you will learn single crochet, double crochet as well as how to change colours in a simple way.

For this hairband you need 2 colours of yarn. I used worsted weight acrylic yarn which is the only available yarn type in our country. If you use mosaic yarn you can get a hairy look in your hair band.

For what purpose I need this hair band? Well, look for yourself.

I’ve got along hair which requires me to braid every time and tie it with a hair band. I’d like a fresh look but all traditional hair bands looks same with only one color. So, why not try making a unique hair band with what you have?

Enough Rubbish. Right? Now for the tutorial.

Take 2 colours of yarn for this project. I took yellow and dark pink. With one color yarn make a slip knot and chain 11 times.

chain 11 times

Now from 3rd chain from hook make a double crochet. Use this simple guide if you don’t know how to double crochet. Keep crocheting dc until the first chain hole. You should now have 9 double crochets in a row.

Now 1 chain and turn back side of your project. Crochet single crochet on each dc. (9sc) 3 Chains and turn back.

Again 9 Double crochets, 1 chain and turn back. And then 9 Single crochets. Change the color. See how I changed the color below. This way you can easily change color without any hassles and keep the pattern perfectly.

Change color

With new color make 9 DCs in a row. Repeat the pattern of first color.

With first color you made 4 rows. Same as first color, you need to make 4 rows with second color. 1 DC row, 1 SC row , again 1 DC row and 1 SC row. Keep changing color and crochet until you feel it’s long enough for your hair band. Fasten off. In my project I made 4 yellow color stripes and 4 dark rose color stripes.

Now you have to join 2 long side together to make a tube.

Making the crochet hair band

Use an elastic of your choice. Put it inside the tube and join both ends with slip stitch

Crochet hair band tutorial

I am sure that this hair band will be a nice addition for you hair styling collection. If you like this crochet hair band tutorial please share it on Pinterest .

Enjoy !

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